Name of entity: LLC "ESA STROY"
Location: ul. Kalinina, 3А,3B Kazan, Tatarstan, 420043
For more information, call us at: (843) 212 01 01

CEO: Musaeva Sevda Kasim Kizi
The hotel "Kazan Palace by Tasıgo" of the Limited Liability Company "ESA STROY" was assigned the category "5 stars". Accreditation was carried out by the Limited Liability Company “Tourist Information Center of Kazan” as a result the accreditation certificate No.  16/АА-138-2021/30-2021 of November 26, 2021, valid until November 25, 2024.

The following categories of rooms are presented in the hotel: “The highest category“ Suite ”- 1 room,“ The highest category “Junior suite” - 25 rooms, “The 1st category” - 40 rooms.

Prices are set in Russian rubles, payment is made by credit card.

Check in time: 15:00, checkout time: 12:00

Visitors of the Guest, upon request, and with the notification of the employee of the reception and accommodation service of the Hotel, can stay in the Hotel until 23.00,  with the obligation to provide the identity documents. When a visitor of the Guest stays in the room after 16.00, his accommodation in the hotel must be arranged and paid according to the price list.

Accommodation of the Guest at the Hotel is carried out only after payment of a provision in the amount of 20,000 rubles and only when the employee of the reception and placement service is provided with an identity document, according to the list approved by clause №18 of the Rules for the provision of hotel services in the Russian Federation, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation dated 18.11.2020 No.1853. If the guest use a debit/credit card to check in, a hold may be placed on the card account for the full anticipated amount to be owed to the hotel, including estimated incidentals, through your date of check-out and such hold may not be released for 72 hours from the date of check-out or longer at the discretion of the card issuer.

Stay in Harmony program

Our Stay in Harmony program is focusing on four aspects that are the basis of our Sustainability Management Plan described in this document:
           1. Environmental Policy
           2. Sociocultural Impact
           3. Quality – Sustainable Business Practices
           4. Health and Safety

Reviewing process: Kazan Palace by Tasigo Green Team will review these policies on an annual basis: the next review will be headed on the 1st of June 2021.
To reach our sustainability goal, we have set up targets:
We set up a target to reduce water consumption by %5 in 2020 using 2019 as a baseline.
We set up a target to reduce energy consumption by %5 in 2020 using 2019 as a baseline.
We set up a target to reduce all of our wastes by 10% in 2020, using 2019 as a baseline.
1. Environmental policy – We are always considering our impact on the environment, and we aim to minimize and reduce resources exploitation and at the same time drive awareness to all our employees about the importance to participate to our sustainability program, reducing energy and water consumption and trying to use other natural resources. Wastage is one of the most crucial issues for the environment, so we must do our best to separate and reduce the wastage.
1.1 Regarding Energy Saving:
In vacant rooms, heating and cooling systems are set to the minimum value or completely switched off.
At least 95% of the lighting armatures (external and internal) use LED lamps.
At least 95% of the lighting armatures (external and internal) are automatically controlled.
The automation of the lighting armatures has the timing, and dimming lighting control system.
In 100% of guest rooms, power supply depends on the presence of the guest by a key card system
Secondary use (recovery) of heat is introduced.
All windows installed in the guest rooms have low-emissions glass and a high level of isolation.
At least 90% of TVs have power consumption in off mode - no more than 0,01 W, in standby mode - no more than 0,5 W.
At least 90% of minibars have a power consumption level of no more than 0,6 kW/day.
1.2 Regarding water savings:
Washing machines and dishwashers are completely filled.
The lowest sufficient water temperature (60 degrees) use for washing machines and dishwashers.
Guests are advised to change towels and bed linen less frequently (Green card)
More than 90% of toilets are equipped with a half-flush function.
More than 90% of toilets use a maximum of 6 liters of water per flush.
More than 90% of washbasin taps have a maximum flow rate of 4 to 8 l/min.
Green Room Rater was implemented to propose the client to decline housekeeping services and get a 15% discount on accommodation.
1.3 Regarding the use of dishwashing detergents, cleaning, and laundry
Special storage facilities are organized, accessible only to personnel.
Clear and simple instructions are available to staff regarding the rules for dosing and storing products.
MSDS are available close to the products
All products are eco-labeled and dishwashing, cleaning, and laundry detergents shall not contain chlorine and chlorine-containing compounds, phosphates, and phosphonates.
Laundry staff keeps records of the actual use of dishwashing, cleaning, and laundry detergents.
All dishwashers and washing machines automatically dispense detergents.
1.4 Regarding the restaurant and kitchen
Vegetarian meals are included on the menu every day.
For restaurants offering buffet meals, meals are provided for breakfast and dinner.
At least 80% of the total volume of soft drinks and beer is supplied in a returnable container.
At least 95% of the purchased coffee and tea have ecolabel and made of recycled or unbleached paper.
We give all types of paper packages, cardboard boxes, and used oil (edible) to the company to recycle.
1.5 Regarding waste management 
We will conclude contracts to treat all types of waste (transportation, processing, disposal, neutralization, and placement). Legal entities that carry out further waste management have the necessary licenses for the relevant type of activity.
At least the following types of waste will be collected separately and transferred for recycling: waste paper, cardboard, plastic (PET). The supply chain and handling shall be traceable.
The segregated collection system will extend to conference areas and office spaces.
Separate waste containers will be appropriately labeled and easily accessible to guests and staff.
There is the monitoring of waste generated by category, and this data benchmarked.
There are no costs related to the waste collection by the contractor as the amounts are inferior to the minimum amount.
All batteries and bulbs are carried to Ikea for treatment, and other electronic wastes are collected separately.
Retired linens are given to charities or animal shelters.
We are using a salt system for the swimming pool to reduce the impact of chlorine on the environment.
1.6 Regarding single-use plastic management 
No single-use plastic bottles in canteen, rooms, restaurants, events only glass bottles.
The use of plastic bottles (water) is allowed only in the SPA area because of Covid 19.
We are using neither in staff canteen nor in restaurants (in all dining areas), disposable tableware, and cutlery.
An exception is packaging for takeaway food and drinks, while the packaging doesn't contain PVC, polystyrene, and marks with the type of plastic.
Soap and shampoo dispensers are installed in SPA bathrooms/toilets.
Following amenities "upon request": notebook, comb, sponge, shoe bag, pencil, shower kit, shower cap, sewing kit.
1.7 Regarding food waste management 
Sending food waste (sorted out) to the animal shelter.
Food waste monitoring implemented at the canteen.
1.8 Regarding purchasing
An environmentally responsible procurement policy was developed, which implies a preference for at least the following groups of goods that have ecolabels or have any environmentally preferable characteristics (absence or reduced content of harmful components in comparison with analogs, energy efficiency, the presence of secondary raw materials in the composition, absence of chlorine as a whitening agent and others):
• office appliances and equipment,
• consumables for office equipment,
• paper for printing,
• toilet paper and paper towels,
• all cleaning agents,
• consumable guest accessories (soap, shampoo, shower gel),
• lamps (LED lights).

Control of the implementation of the environmentally responsible procurement system in the organization, and the execution of supply contracts will be provided.
At least 95% of the volume of purchased hygienic paper products (toilet paper, napkins, and towels) have one or more of the following characteristics:
• made of recycled or unbleached paper,
• FSC certified,
• marked with an ecolabel.
The following products and services have ecolabels: Dishwashing, cleaning, and laundry detergents, office paper, guest consumables (soap, shampoo), tea and coffee

1.9 Green Meetings
The Green Meeting offer is an alternative to the usual meeting offer. Our guests may choose this service to participate in our efforts to propose a better future for the next generations.
• Paperless meetings are proposed.
                - Flipchart with a set of markers (without using paper);
- Lemon-mint water in the jar;
• A special discount 10% for accommodation is provided by the following conditions:
- Minimum stay of three nights;
- Bed linen and towels are not changed during the stay;
- One-time replenishment of hygiene items for each guest (upon arrival);
- One-time water refill for each guest (upon check-in)
2. Sociocultural – Stay in Harmony program aims to promote social sustainability. We aspire to positively contribute to the countries and communities in which we operate to encompass human activities.
We promote local employment and equitable hiring, the large majority (90%) of the employees is from Tatarstan (Kazan).
we support our staff empowerment and give access to promotion
we are trying to ensure employee satisfaction and continuity (our staff turnover rate for 2019 is 4.88 %) 
We support and respect the local community; we are selling Kazan tours for tourists.
With Kazan Palace Museum, we pay homage to the city's proud and multi-cultural history. On display in the one-room gallery are snapshots from everyday life in Kazan, the history of the benevolent Shamov family, and the hospital they helped build, which, in its reincarnation, home Kazan Palace. 
we emphasize the protection of children from economic and any other forms of exploitation 
We cooperate with animal shelters and volunteers to save cats and dogs from all the suffering and death that their overpopulation causes are to spay and neuter them. Spaying and neutering are routine, affordable surgeries that can prevent thousands of animals from being born, only to suffer and struggle to survive on the streets, be abused by cruel or neglectful people, or be euthanized in animal shelters for lack of a loving home. Also, during the cold winter days, we feed the stray dogs.
3. Quality – Sustainable Business Practices 
We continuously review our quality standards to reach the best international levels and be always appreciated the services we deliver.
The Green Teams are in charge of controlling the level of quality reached by the different projects that are implemented. 
Our building enables to access every floor and every public area to guests with limited mobility. We are providing four equipped rooms to the people with wheelchairs.
4. Health & Safety 
We can all make the workplace safer by taking preventive steps to avoid health and safety risks from happening. All staff members need to familiarize themselves with the building and property safety guidelines to improve work safety. 
We strive to minimize and eliminate any health and safety hazards as quickly as possible to make a safer environment for each other and our guests. We all have a responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy work environment to prevent work-related accidents.

At Kazan Palace by Tasigo, we recognize our impact on the environment and we aim to reduce it by every manner that are available without compromising the excellence in our way to welcome our guests.
For this reason, we created a programme called Stay in harmony including the following points.
We commit to reduce our resources consumption by monitoring and taking actions to minimize our water and energy use.
We aim to reduce our waste production and segregate when it’s possible and local structures are in place to manage safely different kinds of wastes.
We take good care of our employees and provide opportunities to improve their knowledge about sustainability and ways to implement best practices during their work and when they are at home.
We are hiring local talents and we propose trainings to ameliorate their capacities and let them access managerial positions.
We encourage our staff to present Stay in harmony to our guests, suppliers, contractors, agents and wholesalers.
We have appointed a Green Team who is in charge of ensuring ongoing sustainability performance.
We wish to bring awareness to our guests about the topic and provide a luxury service with unforgettable experiences in the respect of the environment.
We focus on our suppliers to source local products and certified items when available.
We support the local communities to share the knowledge we managed to gather.
We aim to continuously improve our dedication to the topic and start regularly new projects in line with this policy that will be annually reviewed.

Terms of use of parking at Kazan Palace by TASIGO

By entering the territory of Kazan Palace by TASIGO (hereinafter referred to as the Parking), visitors agree to comply with and comply with these Rules.
Entrance is carried out from Volkova street (upper barrier), exit to Kalinina street (lower barrier).

First 20 minutes of parking is FREE.

Further - 100 rubles / hour.

Parking is free for hotel guests.