REST in comfort.

If you are confident that art and expressive architecture make the world a better place, you are in the right place.

We restored our brick building, an eclectic architectural monument from 1910 with the utmost care and attention.

Meanwhile, inside, we created timeless and serene interiors that invoke happiness. The end result is artful and inspiring hotel grounds and 66 rooms that exude with the warmth of home.
You will discover comfort and relax with the softest Turkish cotton sheets.

  • Comfort Room
    Decorated in pastel colors our comfort room is as peaceful as the whisper of wheat fields in the wind. Put on slippers, pick your favorite pillow and get ready to recharge with a cup of tea.
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  • Comfort Plus room
    Spacious and stylish Comfort Plus rooms with large bed and sofa.
    Ultra-modern rooms with high ceilings and windows give a feeling of freedom, and the equipment of the room is thought out to the smallest detail for an ideal stay.
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  • Premium Suite
    Designed for those who want more from their temporary home, the Premium Room features a seating area, king-sized bed, Jackson Pollock-inspired details, and spacious windows overlooking the city. Custom decor items emphasize the aesthetics room.
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  • Premium Roof Suite
    On the 4th floor of our complex there are Roof Premium suites, enchanting with their fabulous surroundings. With original and thoughtful design, the rooms offer magical views of the starry sky through skylights. Roof Premium suite boasts the perfect reading corner with an armchair. The floor also has comfortable seating areas where you can find a reading nook.
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  • Roof Suite
    Located under the roof on the fourth floor of our hotel there are our Roof Suites charming with coziness and fabulous atmosphere. 
    Roof windows will help you enjoy a magical view and be closer to the sky and stars.
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  • Roof Suite with Jacuzzi
    Three Roof Suites located on the fourth floor of the hotel are equipped with a jacuzzi, and two of them have a big round bed. Bed type is priovided upon availability.
    Roof windows will help you enjoy a magical view and be closer to the sky and stars.
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  • Grand Suite
    Few things are more inviting than an elegant hotel suite with a bathtub, and we know what. The refined interior of the incredibly spacious bright room is complemented by an elegant bathroom with a jacuzzi. The room will provide you a luxury vacation experience.
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  • King Palace Suite
    With light reflecting from every surface and own winter garden, King Palace Suite reflects the true splendor of Kazan Palace. There is a sauna, steam bath, and jacuzzi in the room, tempting you to recuperate in the privacy of your own quarters.
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