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Green Globe

Green Globe is a leading certification program in the field of sustainable tourism, which focuses on the preservation of natural resources, positive contribution to the development of local communities and environmental protection.

Only companies that are constantly engaged in improving their environmental and social management can receive the Green Globe, one of the strictest international and independent certificates in the field of sustainable tourism.

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Certification is preceded by a rigorous audit conducted by accredited companies that are able to verify the environmental and social practices of the hotel. On April 20, 2021, Kazan Palace by TASIGO & NEO Kazan Palace by TASIGO received the Green Globe certificate, on the basis of which both hotels were recognized as ones that meet the high standards of the international certification program. This certificate became a kind of challenge for us, which allowed us to take a detailed look at all the processes of sustainable development inside the hotel. We have provided confirmation of all environmental, social and corporate standards.

Tasigo scored 286 points among 385 verified indicators, which is a high satisfaction level of 83% of the Green Globe criteria. This allowed the company to stand in line with the most responsible hotels.

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The auditors paid the greatest attention to the following issues

Activities aimed at the economic and social development of the regionActivities aimed at the economic and social development of the region

Effective management of water and energy resources

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Air quality protection and noise level control

Team training and awareness raising on resource preservation issues

Preservation and demonstration of local cultural heritage

Social policy

Qualitative changes do not happen instantly, it is necessary to prepare for them and carefully monitor them. Thanks to the certification, we have outlined a long-term plan for the sustainable development of our hotels.

Since the opening, all TASIGO hotels have been operating according to the principles of sustainable development and they are systematically preparing to receive a certificate.

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Kazan Palace by Tasigo met the requirements of the standard for being SUP-FREE in Customer-Facing Areas in December 2021.

The Single Use Plastic (SUP) Policy commits Tasigo Hotels to act to remove and/or reduce the use of Single Use Plastic from all operations and services as well as working towards finding positive solutions for reducing unnecessary waste across hotels. The ultimate goal is to achieve a single use plastic-free organization across our workforce, operations and assets.

Single-use plastic is lightweight, convenient and cheap. Eliminating it or finding suitable reusable or refillable replacements is not always easy, however Kazan Palace by Tasigo have made this their priority throughout 2021 and have become the first hotel in the world to be awarded with the SUP-FREE micro-certification.

Plastic Free Certification is an innovative startup that supports the companies in the reduction of disposable plastic until its complete elimination.

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